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Fez is the oldest and largest medieval city in the world. It is located in Morocco, North Africa. It's also considered to be the intellectual, spiritual, cultural and religious capital of Morocco.

This fascinating city has managed to remain completely unchanged throughout the modern ages. It's a bustling city, steeped in history and culture. Visually, it's stunning...it's ancient, run-down, dirty, elegant, dramatic and very exotic. Fez is like no other place on earth.

It was the capital of Morocco for over 400 years. Nowadays it's home to the largest university in Morocco and the leading cultural and religious centre.

Fez was founded in 789. Over the years the city has experienced long periods of hardship, but its spirit has never died. Today, the inhabitants are extremely proud of their city - they have their own unique culture, art and even cuisine.

Fez city is like a living museum. All the old architectural structures remain intact, yet it's very much a living city. Most of the streets are too narrow for cars and donkeys and mules are still being used on a daily basis. All throughout its history Fez has displayed a striking contrast of poverty and developed culture.

When you first arrive you might get a bit of a culture shock. Things haven't changed here for centuries. You might find life crude and primitive, but this is a society that has remained the same and managed to function perfectly well through more than 1000 years of history - it's appearance is all part of its charm and appeal.

Some of the best sights to see in Fez are; Kairouine mosque (the centre of Islamic learning in Morocco for more than 1000 years); Attarin madrasa (famous Islamic school built in the early 14th century); Bab Boujeloud (the most famous gate in Morocco); the Tanners Quarter (Fez's main attraction); the Mernid Tombs (with spectacular views over the city) and the Royal Palace (One of the most elegant structures in Morocco).


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