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In Marrakech you can pay up to 110 euros per night in Kenzi Semiramis, but there are also more economical choices for hotels in Morocco, 80 euros a night in Kenz, Armine or Nassim Hotel.

If you search a little bit you will find the perfect Moroccan hotels in Morocco, Africa of your choice.

Morocco hotels range from first class luxury accommodation with top of the range facilities to basic budget lodging at much cheaper prices.

Hotels in Casablanca like the Kenzi Basma, El Kandara and the Hyatt Regency, can be quite expensive. You might be charged anything from 80 to 125 euros per night.

In Rabat, accommodation varies quite considerably in price, ranging from around 60 to 140 euros per night, in hotels like the Chellah, Kenzi Ourida or the Tour Hassan Meridian.

In Marrakech you can expect to pay around 110 euros per night in the Kenzi Semiramis, for example. But is it still possible to pay around 80 euros for rooms in the Kenza, Amine or Nassim hotels.

Like most places, if you look around, you'll find a hotel that suits your budget...


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  • Reference:coma18

    Marrakesh Riad located in the neighbourhood of Dar El Bacha, near the palace of the Grand Vizir Madani El Glaoui,...

    Desde 99 €

    99 €

    Reference: coma18
  • Reference:foes03

    Desde 55 €

    55 €

    Reference: foes03
  • Reference:zees04

    Desde 91 €

    91 €

    Reference: zees04
  • Reference:naes06

    Desde 55 €

    55 €

    Reference: naes06
  • Reference:naes07

    Desde 20 €

    20 €

    Reference: naes07
  • Reference:viww07

    Desde 39 €

    39 €

    Reference: viww07
  • Reference:viww08

    Reference: viww08
  • Reference:brma04

    Reference: brma04
  • Reference:chma08

    This Riad in Marrakech, Morocco is located in the medina and has been renovated with great taste. It is in the...

    Desde 93 €

    93 €

    Reference: chma08
  • Reference:zahir

    Riad Zahir is found in the heart of the Medina of Marrakech, only a few minutes away from the Jemàa El Fna plaza.Inspired...

    Desde 40 €

    40 €

    Reference: zahir
  • Reference:roma13

    This Riad in Marrakesh is in the Bad Doukkada neighbourhood of the city, just a few minutes walk from the cafes...

    Desde 29 €

    29 €

    Reference: roma13
  • Reference:abma02

    The Hotel Riad Souiri in Essouira is located only 10 minutes by car from the airport. It is 10 minutes walking...

    Desde 15 €

    15 €

    Reference: abma02
  • Reference:al-khaima

    Make your bookings at this fantastic hotel in Asilah, in northern Morocco, North Africa.It is close to the beaches...

    Desde 616 €

    616 €

    Reference: al-khaima
  • Reference:mmma01

    This truely exceptional hotel accommodation is situated close to the famed Medina of Marrakech, with views of distant...

    Desde 251 €

    251 €

    Reference: mmma01
  • Reference:elma13

    Riad Hotel Villa des 3 Golfs is a very charming and cosy hotel in the Palmeraie area, an excellent choice for your...

    Desde 110 €

    110 €

    Reference: elma13
  • Reference:dar-el-qdima

    Riad with enchantment, situated in between the fortress walls of the Medina de Essaouira, where you will enjoy...

    Desde 49 €

    49 €

    Reference: dar-el-qdima
  • Reference:mounia

    Casa Mounia is situated in the heart of the Medina a few minutes away from the historic monuments, outdoor markets,...

    Desde 39 €

    39 €

    Reference: mounia
  • Reference:dar-jameel

    Dar Jameel is an enchanting Riad in the medina of Tangiers. Beautifully restored by it's owners, the house...

    Desde 86 €

    86 €

    Reference: dar-jameel
  • Reference:oliviers

    This Marrakech Riad in Morocco, Africa is in the entrance of the Medina near th famous square of Jamaa Lfna. It...

    Desde 38 €

    38 €

    Reference: oliviers
  • Reference:dar-loula

    Riad Dar Loula is situated in the Medina of Marrakech. This riad has 6 fantastic rooms, all decorated with Moroccan...

    Desde 56 €

    56 €

    Reference: dar-loula
  • Reference:dar-naima

    This fabulous riad invites you to spend some unforgettable days in Marrakech in the heart of the Medina. To visit...

    Desde 65 €

    65 €

    Reference: dar-naima
  • Reference:hama01

    Riad Zahraa situated in the town of Meknes, central Morocco.The rooms are tastefully decorated, designed to make...

    Desde 58 €

    58 €

    Reference: hama01
  • Reference:casalalla

    Recently restored Riad Casa Lalla conserves it´s natural and very authentic style.It´s location is...

    Desde 68 €

    68 €

    Reference: casalalla
  • Reference:jema02

    This lovely hotel in Marrakech, Morocco is a luxurious home located only a few kilometers from the center of the...

    Desde 47 €

    47 €

    Reference: jema02

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