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  • Its name comes from the denomination of the free caliphs (Al-Kutbiyyine), who lived there in the 17th Century. With 70 meters of altitude, this temple in Marrakech, Morocco was constructed by order of...

  • Tel: +212 44 47 23 00

    Derb Laalouj

  • This is a mausoleum situated by the Alcazaba Mosque. It was built in the 16th century by the Sultan Saadita Ahmed Al-Mansur.Its great style mixed with traditional Arabic and European influences, contributed...

  • In Dar Si Said Palace, you will find the Morrocan Art Museum. In the museum are ethnographic articles of interest such as rugs, sewn cloth, silver and jewels, weapons, and tiles; all of these are proceeds...

  • Finished in 1900, Palace of the Bay in Marrakech was built by Cambelan Ahmed Ibn Moussa, also known as "Ba Ahmad." It is composed of many riads, reception halls, patios, and gardens.

  • The Madraza Ben Yusuf was founded in the Merini dinasty in the 14th Century. It was reconstructed in 1564 by Sultan Saadita Abadia. In it, you will be able to observe poems that have been engraved in...

  • In ancient times, the medina was the only neighborhood of the city of Marrakech, Morocco. Later, the city was modernized and rehabilitated. New luxury palaces and villas were built as well.

  • This is the only example of Almoravid art that exists today in Marrakech, Morocco, even though this city was the capital of the kingdom during this dinasty. All of the cultural and artistic riches were...

  • The plot of land that makes up this garden is quite big: 3 km long and 1.5 km wide. It was built by the Almohades in the 12th Century, and was renamed by the Saadies and Alauitas. The architects of Agdal...

  • This pretty garden was designed by the French painter, Jacques Majorelle. The garden owner now is Yves Saint-Laurent). It is a natural reserve of cactus, bamboo, bougainvillea, and many other plants that...

  • Next to the Medersa, you will find the Marrakech Museum of Morocco. It is a tiny palace of about 2000 m2 from the 19th century, which has a patio and 4 waiting rooms, a kitchen, and a hammam (Arabic bath).

  • The Almoravids founded the first part of this complex in the year 1070, as a gesture to the emperor of the city of Marrakech. At the beginning of the 12th Century, Ali Ibn Yusuf installed here a system...

  • This is a summer house surrounded by a garden of olive trees. Long ago, it was destined for the romantic encounters of the sultans of Marrakech. It was erected in 1870 around a Almohade Pond from the...

  • Hotel Es Saadi is in Marrakech, Morocco, and was opened in late 2006. The hotel has 150 rooms and two restaurants.

    Rue Ibrahim El Mazini

  • Cafe de France in Marrakech has a terrace from which you can admire the vibrant plaza below.

    Djemaa el-Fná

  • JAD MAHAL is a combination of bar, restaurant, and discotheque, and is situated in Marrakech near the roundabout that takes you to Mamounia. It is the most recent modern nightlife spot in the entire city.

    Fuente de la Mamounía

  • Le Mirador in Marrakech is situated on the roof terrace of Hotel Tachfine. To get to the bar, you must take the lift. On the lower plant you can get a coffee in the Art Deco Cafe.

    Place Abdel Moumen ben Ali

  • LE COMPTOIR PARIS is situated in Marrakech, Morocco, and is a stylish, colourful, glamourish place to dine out.

    Avenue Echchouada

  • Zanzibar is a lounge-bar in Marrakech Morocco that pertains to Hotel Tikida.

    En el hotel Tikida

  • LE PETIT POUCET in Marrakech, Morocco is a lounge bar with a special charm.

    Av. Mohammed V 55

  • Inside Les Rosiers, a bar-swimming pool in Marrakech, you can enjoy delicious grilled meats.

  • La Hacienda in Marrakech is popular amongst the Moroccans. It is open until late.

    Avenue Hassan II 40