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In Morocco the most expensive restaurants in north Africa you'll find fish, especially on the coast, and chicken either roasted (rôti) or in a tajine with lemon and olive.

They normally serve pastilla too. This is a pie dish made with pidgeon (sometimes chicken) along with filo pastry and cinanamon. It's particularly popular in Fez.

Then, of course, there's couscous which is often a lot better when traditionally prepared at home than in a restaurant. It's a dish normally prepared for special occasions like holy days or fesitivals. The stuff you find in restaurants can be disappointing in comparison. Sometimes you'll even have to give two or three hours' notice for it to be cooked in a restaurant.

In some of the more expensive restaurants and at certain festivals they serve "mechoui", - roast lamb. Sometimes it comes served in the form of a whole sheep roasted on a spit!

Some of the more "touristy" restaurants also serve French dishes like steak, liver, and various fish and foul dishes, along with the world famous "Moroccan Salad". You'll normally have you're choice of fruit, yoghurt, or and crème caramel for dessert too.

In a cheap restaurant you'll pay around 80dh (£5/$8) for a typical meal including starter, main course, dessert and a drink. In one described as "moderate" you'll pay around 80/150dh (£5/9.50/$8/15). Expensive restaurants will charge you over 150dh (£9.50/$15) but you'll obviously get more food and it will be much better quality too.


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  • Reference:coma18

    Marrakesh Riad located in the neighbourhood of Dar El Bacha, near the palace of the Grand Vizir Madani El Glaoui,...

    Desde 99 €

    99 €

    Reference: coma18
  • Reference:viww07

    Desde 39 €

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  • Reference:brma04

    Reference: brma04
  • Reference:chma08

    This Riad in Marrakech, Morocco is located in the medina and has been renovated with great taste. It is in the...

    Desde 93 €

    93 €

    Reference: chma08
  • Reference:al-khaima

    Make your bookings at this fantastic hotel in Asilah, in northern Morocco, North Africa.It is close to the beaches...

    Desde 616 €

    616 €

    Reference: al-khaima
  • Reference:oliviers

    This Marrakech Riad in Morocco, Africa is in the entrance of the Medina near th famous square of Jamaa Lfna. It...

    Desde 38 €

    38 €

    Reference: oliviers
  • Reference:dar-jameel

    Dar Jameel is an enchanting Riad in the medina of Tangiers. Beautifully restored by it's owners, the house...

    Desde 86 €

    86 €

    Reference: dar-jameel
  • Reference:zahra

    Hotel riad Zahra is situated in a residential neighborhood in Essaouira called Quartier des Dunes. It is characterized...

    Desde 54 €

    54 €

    Reference: zahra
  • Reference:mimouna

    Riad Mimouna offers 33 rooms and suites for your holiday enjoyment. In the terrace of this riad you'll enjoy...

    Desde 118 €

    118 €

    Reference: mimouna
  • Reference:mrma06

    Kasbah Al Mendili Resort & SPA is a recently constructed hotel in Marrakesh, Morocco that is decorated in an ancient...

    Desde 219 €

    219 €

    Reference: mrma06
  • Reference:elma08

    Completely renovated Riad holiday accommodation in Marrakech, Morocco, with double bedrooms available, all with...

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    129 €

    Reference: elma08
  • Reference:atma01

    This stunning morrocan holiday accommodation is situated in a tranquil zone of Marrakech, with a gorgeous swimming...

    Desde 59 €

    59 €

    Reference: atma01
  • Reference:chakir

    Riad Chakir is situated right in the heart of the Medina of Essaouira, very close to the port and to the beautiful...

    Desde 44 €

    44 €

    Reference: chakir
  • Reference:hama01

    Riad Zahraa situated in the town of Meknes, central Morocco.The rooms are tastefully decorated, designed to make...

    Desde 58 €

    58 €

    Reference: hama01
  • Reference:maison-du-sud

    Riad Maison du Sud is an enchanting hotel situated in the heart of the Medina of Essaouira.The Riad is a typical...

    Desde 70 €

    70 €

    Reference: maison-du-sud
  • Reference:mama92

    Riad de la Belle Epoque is a stunning four star accommodation in the heart of the Marrakech Medina.Beautifully...

    Desde 89 €

    89 €

    Reference: mama92
  • Desde 101 €

    101 €

    Reference: tama01
  • Reference:essaouira-wind-palace

    Desde 64 €

    64 €

    Reference: essaouira-wind-palace
  • Reference:riad-green-mango1

    Desde 85 €

    85 €

    Reference: riad-green-mango1
  • Reference:riad-aicha-marrakech

    Desde 58 €

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    Reference: riad-aicha-marrakech
  • Reference:el-miria-palais

    Desde 273 €

    273 €

    Reference: el-miria-palais
  • Reference:riad-l--oiseau-du-paradis

    Desde 61 €

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    Reference: riad-l--oiseau-du-paradis
  • Reference:noma02

    Desde 130 €

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    Reference: noma02
  • Reference:riad107

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    60 €

    Reference: riad107

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